Below you'll find some of my art. I usually use charcoal for sketching, but recently I've taken up watercolors. 

Ludwig Meidner's Der Selbstmörder (2023)

The Harris' House in Oak Bluffs (2022)

River Scene (2023)

The Dame of Bacurau (2020)

Cafe 't Papeneiland (2022)

Marina (2019)

Old Man (2019)

Hand Study Part II (2019)

Alessandro Manzoni in La Piazzetta San Fedele (2023)

Cafe Thijssen (2021)

Hand Study Part I (2019)

Gay Head, Martha's Vineyard (2022) 

Matisse and Me (2019)

The House behind Johann-Clanze Straße  (2023)

Christina's Place (2022)

Il Castello di Lerici (2022)

An Egg Study for Julie (2023)

Traveller's Returning to Bristol, UK (2023)

Geldersekade, Amsterdam (2021)

Valentine's Day Flowers (2021)

A Surprise Birthday (2020)

Color Blocking (2019)